IPS Style® Ceram

The first metal-ceramic material containing patented oxyapatite crystals

Crafting brilliance

IPS Style® Ceram is unique, owed to the exceptional composition of this metal-ceramic material. It is the first material in the history of dental ceramics to contain oxyapatite crystals. These crystals impart your restorations with a true-to-nature depth effect and, thanks to their remarkable light reflection properties, an unmatched vividness from within.

Enjoy creative freedom in your work. IPS Style Ceram comes with an extensive range of coordinated and refined materials to create a variety of restorations. Veneers, single crowns or multi-unit bridges: IPS Style Ceram offers a wealth of options.
IPS Style Ceram is suitable for
  • all types of frameworks within the indicated CTE range, regardless of the manufacturing procedure[1]
  • alloys in the CTE range of 13.8–15.2 10-6/K (25–500°C)
  • the fabrication in the shade ranges A–D, Bleach and Gingiva shade ranges
  • the application in combination with opaquer pastes or powders
  • multi- and single-layering techniques
  • finishing with the universal IPS Ivocolor® range of stains and glazes

Expert opinions: Insights from first-hand experience

Odt. Claudio Bocci
Rome, Italy

“IPS Style Ceram is a ceramic material with excellent properties: Physical, for its great stability and processability in terms of layering and finishing after firing; and optical, for being a really bright ceramic that features a light refraction and diffraction comparable to that of natural teeth.“

Hélène & Didier Crescenzo
Cogolin, France

“We appreciate IPS Style Ceram, because the material provides for high comfort in daily use. In particular, it offers the same shade matches (dentin, opalescent, translucent, etc.) as IPS e.max Ceram. That facilitates creating multiple restorations on the same model.“

David Morita
São Paulo, Brasil

“IPS Style Ceram is a modern ceramic material. It features a high brightness, that is quite similar to that of natural teeth. Without any doubt, the very low shrinkage helps sustaining the position of the materials after firing. Not to mention the astounding shade range that offers endless possibilities for designing restorations.“

Your benefits at a glance

High stability

IPS Style Ceram can be applied like any other conventional metal-ceramic material. The decisive difference: the high stability and easy modelling properties of the material.

High firing stability

The reduced shrinkage of IPS Style Ceram efficiently leads to the desired results. For small restorations, the desired outcome is nearly achieved after the first firing.

High edge strength

The shape, fine details and morphology that are initially created remain unchanged during the firing process. This reduces the number of firing cycles and thus saves precious time.

Reduced shrinkage

Shrinkage behaviour of the ceramic material and wetting with opaquer in comparison: After a firing cycle under standardized test conditions, IPS Style Ceram shows a visibly better result than conventional metal-ceramics.

High shade stability

Regardless of how many times the restorations are fired, they feature a high shade stability and maintain their shade well over time.

Harmonious shade system

The consistently coordinated shade system of the IPS Style Ceram metal-ceramic, the IPS e.max® Ceram all-ceramic and the IPS Ivocolor® stains and glaze materials allow for the fabrication of complex clinical cases with different materials.