Tetric EvoCeram

Our classical universal composite
Longstanding experience in anterior and posterior restorations

Tetric EvoCeram is the classic among our composites. The sculptable universal composite for the incremental layering technique is at the heart of the Tetric Line. Dentists have been relying on it for many years.

Your advantages at a glance

Lifelike shade matching

Because of its chameleon effect, Tetric EvoCeram can adapt its shade to match its surroundings to produce highly esthetic results.

Universal use

The sculptable composite can be applied in layers of up to 2 mm in anterior and posterior teeth.

Excellent properties
  • Long working time for esthetic sculpting results

  • Short curing time from 5 seconds 

  • Minimal polymerization shrinkage for enhanced marginal tightness

  • High radiopacity for fast and easy recognition of fillings on x-rays

Long-lasting results

Tetric EvoCeram has been specially developed for high clinical performance and therefore shows impressive long-term survival rates.[1, 2]