IPS Empress CAD

The highly esthetic leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic material
In clinical use for decades

IPS Empress CAD are leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic blocks for the CAD/CAM application. They are suitable for the fabrication of full-contour single-tooth restorations.

Your benefits

Very esthetic restorations

IPS Empress CAD allows you to efficiently fabricate highly esthetic single-tooth restorations with a flexural strength of 185 MPa[1].

Time-saving processing

After grinding in an authorized CAD/CAM unit[2], IPS Empress CAD is easily and quickly polished to a high gloss.

Translucency levels & shades

IPS Empress CAD blocks are available in two translucency levels (HT, LT) and as polychromatic Multi blocks. These are available in A–D shades, Chromascop and bright modern Bleach shades.

  • Multi blocks are polychromatic blocks characterized by a natural progression of shade and fluorescence from the dentin to the incisal area.

  • HT blocks feature a natural chameleon effect and are thus suitable for the fabrication of smaller restorations (e.g. inlays).

  • LT blocks are ideally suitable for the fabrication of larger restorations (e.g. partial crowns, crowns) thanks to their chroma and brightness value.

The highlight
The Multi block allows for highly esthetic, natural-
looking restorations without the necessity of applying any characterizations.
Inlays and onlays (e.g. partial crowns)
Anterior crowns
Posterior crowns
Finishing options

Finish your IPS Empress CAD restorations:

  • Polish, e. g. with OptraGloss®

  • Customize, e.g. using the IPS e.max® CAD Crystall./ products


Suitable holder for your system

IPS Empress CAD blocks are equipped with a holder suitable for the following authorized CAD/CAM systems: PrograMill (Ivoclar), CEREC® (Dentsply Sirona), PlanMill® (Planmeca) and Ceramill® (Amann Girrbach).

IPS e.max CAD Crystall./
The universal range of stains and glazes
Adhesive cementation
Use Variolink® Esthetic to achieve esthetic results. Etch and silanize your restoration in one step with the self-etching Monobond Etch & Prime.