Bluephase G4

Reliable curing at a high level
High-performance curing light – reliable curing

Bluephase G4 impresses users with reliable curing and maximum compatibility with different materials. Its intelligent light curing assistant actively supports you during the curing process. 

Bluephase G4 benefits

Sufficient curing is a prerequisite for esthetic and high-quality direct and indirect restorations. 

Reliable curing
  • The high light intensity of the curing light enables it to polymerize both direct and indirect restorations.
  • Uniform polymerization due to even light distribution over the entire emission window of the light guide.
Intelligent curing
  • Activate the smart light curing assistant featuring patented Polyvision technology.
  • The light curing assistant detects the movement of the handpiece during the polymerization process and alerts you to any improper operation.
Unlimited compatibility with different materials
  • Suitable for the polymerization of all current light-curing dental materials without limitations.
  • Covers the entire wavelength range between 385 and 515 nm.
You can choose between two different light curing modes
High-power mode: 1,200 mW/cm2
Suitable for common day-to-day treatments.

PreCure mode: 950 mW/cm2
Particularly suitable for the removal of excess light-curing adhesive luting composites, e.g. Variolink Esthetic.
Wireless charging of batteries
Inductive charging allows you to recharge the handpiece without a power cord. Simply place the cordless handpiece in the charging station. 
Swivelling 10-mm light guide
The light guide has a short tip and can be freely rotated by 360 degrees, enabling access to tooth surfaces without the patient having to open their mouth uncomfortably wide. Moreover, the wide 10-mm light guide enables time-saving single-exposure curing procedures.
You have a choice:

Bluephase G4 is available in four different colours and with optional features (Click&Cure and integrated radiometer).