SR Nexco

Light-curing composite
Sophisticated physical properties

Given its light-optical properties and large selection of materials, the light-curing SR Nexco lab composite facilitates the day-to-day work in the dental laboratory. The micro-opal fillers contained in the material enables the fabrication of natural-looking[1] restorations.

Opalescence, fluorescence and translucency are comparable to the optical properties of the natural[1] tooth structure

Your advantages at a glance


SR Nexco features a well-balanced combination of physical properties, resulting in restorations that feature high wear resistance and a stable shade and gloss.


SR Nexco is suitable for fabricating framework-free and framework-supported restorations. SR Nexco can also be used for the characterization and modification of PMMA materials.


SR Nexco is compatible with alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium oxide and PMMA-based materials such as denture teeth, denture base materials and cross-linked PMMA materials such as Telio® CAD.


SR Nexco can be reliably and completely light-cured in many commercially available light-curing devices[2], such as the PrograPrint Cure from Ivoclar. 

Lifelike appearance made easy

The opalescent and fluorescent characteristics of SR Nexco are very close to those of the natural tooth[1]. A harmonious shade match is achieved in different restorations and under varying light conditions:
1. SR Nexco restoration in transmitted light
2. SR Nexco restoration in incident light

The optical properties of SR Nexco can be seen best in transmitted light: The opalescent and translucent effects are similar to the light dynamic appearance of natural teeth – from tooth neck and dentin to the incisal[1].

The fluorescence and luminosity of SR Nexco can be clearly seen in incident light. These properties provide the restorations with true-to-nature[1] light effects. Fluorescence has a significant effect on the brightness of natural teeth.

SR Nexco is a purely light-curing composite. It can be completely and reliably light cured in commercially available light-curing devices[2], such as the PrograPrint Cure from Ivoclar. During polymerization, SR Nexco acquires its well-balanced physical properties. The restorations develop a homogeneous, natural[1] surface, resulting in long-lasting shade stability and a stable gloss.

SR Nexco is suitable for fabricating restorations with or without a framework:

Framework-free indications:

  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Anterior crowns

In framework-free restorations, SR Nexco Liner and SR Nexco Paste Dentin establish a harmonious shade transition. The comprehensive range of products offers an adequate solution even in the case of stained or devitalized teeth.

Framework-based indications; veneering of:

  • Metal-supported framework, manufactured using analog or digital methods
  • Zirconium oxide-supported frameworks (ZrO2)
  • Combination dentures (e.g. veneering of telescope crowns)
  • Implant superstructure (partially removable)
  • Gingival portions (partially removable implant superstructure)
  • Model cast frameworks with SR Nexco Opaquer pink
  • CAD/CAM manufactured temporary restorations made of Telio® CAD PMMA material

A strong bond between the framework material and SR Nexco provides the basis for a reliable and esthetic tooth replacement. The SR Link bonding agent is key to achieving this. The bonding agent is suitable for conditioning metal frameworks as well as frameworks made of zirconium oxide (ZrO2).

Optimum conditioning of PMMA-based denture teeth, PMMA-based denture base materials and PMMA-based Telio® CAD
A MMA-based light-curing bonding agent mediates a strong bond between the light-curing materials and PMMA (heat- or cold-cure polymers and resin denture teeth). 

SR Nexco includes an extensive range of Gingiva shades and is therefore ideally suited for the fabrication of prosthetic gingiva.

  • SR Nexco Paste Gingiva and SR Nexco Paste Intensive Gingiva for the customized prosthetic reconstruction of gingival tissue 
  • SR Nexco Stains for individual characterizing of prosthetic gingiva 

Customization of denture teeth and denture base materials 

Denture teeth and denture base materials can be imparted with lifelike characteristics and individuality by applying slight modifications and specific characterizations.

  • SR Nexco Paste for individual shape and shade modifications 
  • SR Nexco Stains for individual characterizations