Telio Inlay / Onlay

Designed for temporaries
Temporary restoration of Class I and Class II cavities

Telio Inlay and Telio Onlay are light-cured restorative materials that are designed for the interim restoration of Class I and Class II cavities, without using an additional temporary cement.

Your benefits at a glance

Efficient process

Elimination of the need for a temporary cement or adhesive

Easy removal

Removable in one piece due to optimum, indication-oriented elasticity

Minimal formation of marginal gaps

Low volume shrinkage of the material

Flexible use

Fast and easy application using Cavifils or syringes

Area of application

Telio Inlay 

The soft-elastic consistency of Telio Inlay makes this material particularly suitable for
• the temporization of deep inlay preparations with parallel walls
• the sealing of screw channels

Telio Onlay

Due to its low elasticity, Telio Onlay is stronger and more resistant to external pressure and is therefore suitable for
• the temporization of large and less retentive preparations such as onlays
• the sealing of screw channels
You can choose between two variants of the materials: "Universal" and "Transparent".

Both products are available in a universal and a transparent version. While the "Universal" variant is suitable for daily work routines, the "Transparent" variant offers an excellent solution for temporizing very deep cavities due to its high depth of cure of 4 mm.