All you need for IPS e.max CAD restorations in a single visit

This coordinated workflow based on the world’s best-selling glass-ceramic[1] IPS e.max CAD offers all that is needed for treatment in a single visit – from initial consultation to aftercare. You benefit from durable, esthetic and accurate restorations paired with efficient and time-saving workflows.

1. Consult

The best way to start a treatment
Ivoclar Smile
Ivoclar Smile inspires patients in advance of treatment with the visualization of a possible new smile.
• Real-time 3D visualization of potential treatment outcome
• “Virtual mirror” on your iPad or iPhone
• Clear and motivating dialogue with patients 
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2. Isolate

Moisture control made easy
Optra Gate facilitates the scanning process by the retraction of lips and cheeks, thus ensuring a manageable treatment field.
• Easy access to the treatment field during scanning
• Effective and quick relative isolation[1]
• High patient comfort of wear due to three-dimensional flexibility
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3. Select

The highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramic
IPS e.max CAD
IPS e.max CAD is the world’s best-selling glass-ceramic[2] and is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations with high flexural strength[3].
• Clinical long-term success and scientifically documented results[4-6]
• Excellent esthetics and high strength of 530 MPa[4] combined with a 10-year guarantee
• 97.2% survival rate of posterior crowns over a period of 10 years[7]
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4. Produce

Optimally coordinated fabrication processes for high-precision restorations
Authorized milling systems
Authorized milling systems from our long-term cooperation partners enable the fabrication of high-precision and durable restorations.
• Optimally coordinated and tested processes
• High-quality standards
• Milling systems alidated by Ivoclar
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5. Firing

Speed up your practice
Programat CS6
Programat CS6 is an open combination furnace for quick crystallization, sintering, and glazing.
• New and unique opening design ensures more time savings
• Crystallize IPS e.max CAD restorations in just over 11 minutes[8] 
• Proprietary vacuum technology optimizes the crystallization and glazing processes
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6. Cement

The all-rounder for adhesive cementation
Variolink Esthetic
Variolink Esthetic is a versatile and esthetic light and dual-cure luting composite for the permanent placement of all types of restorations and materials.
• Maximum flexibility in adhesive cementation
• Well-balanced and compact Effect shade range for impressive individual esthetic results
• User-friendly processing with flexible situational consistency and controlled excess removal[9]
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7. Protect

Protective varnish for an effective germ control[10]
Cervitec Plus
Cervitec Plus is a unique varnish which contains the effective combination of the active ingredients chlorhexidine and thymol.
• Lowers the number of bacteria on high quality restorations
• Helps control the risk of caries and gingivitis[10-11]
• Easy application[12]
• Transparent and colorless for optimum esthetics
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8. Service and support

Peace of mind
Service and support
We know CAD/CAM is a huge investment, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. We are the ideal partner for your chairside CAD/CAM needs.
• Our Digital Masters help plan and decide which configuration best suits the needs of your practice
• Bespoke training sessions for you and your staff: online, on-site or in one of our Ivoclar training facilities
• We conduct the setup and maintenance to ensure you get up to speed and keep your practice running smoothly
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