Bluephase PowerCure

Intelligent curing at your fingertips
The high-performance curing light with intelligent curing assistant

Are you looking for a curing light that can do more? If so, you will enjoy using the Bluephase PowerCure. The high-performance curing unit combines intelligence with efficiency.

Bluephase PowerCure features an intelligent light curing assistant that alerts you to any improper use. Short light exposure times, starting from 3 seconds, enable you to work efficiently. 
Bluephase PowerCure benefits

Sufficient curing is a prerequisite for esthetic and high-quality direct and indirect restorations. Bluephase PowerCure is there to assist you.

  • Activate the smart light curing assistant featuring patented Polyvision technology.
  • The light curing assistant detects the movement of the handpiece during the polymerization process and alerts you to any improper operation.
  • Maximum compatibility with different materials: suitable for the polymerization of all types of current light-curing dental materials.
  • High light intensity enables the polymerization of direct and indirect restorations.
  • Uniform polymerization due to even light distribution.


  • The backlit display keeps you informed about the curing program and time of the curing process.

  • Four light curing modes ensure versatile use.

  • Wide, swivelling light guide helps save time.
  • Short light exposure times starting from 3 seconds.[1]
Dental Advisor Editors’ Choice
Bluephase PowerCure has received the Dental Advisor Editors’ Choice award. Our high-performance curing light thoroughly impressed the judges who gave it an excellent rating of 5+.
See for yourself.

What will the future of polymerization look like? 

Smart support

The intelligent light curing assistant of the Bluephase PowerCure detects when the handpiece shifts during polymerization.

Slight shift

  • One vibration signal
  • Extension of the light curing time by 10 per cent

Considerable shift

  • Three vibration signals 
  • Acoustic signal
  • Termination of the curing process
  • Repetition of the polymerization process

When the light tip points into open space, the device cannot be activated.

Reliable results

Proper use is a prerequisite for sufficient polymerization. What is more, the quality of the device is just as important.

Unlimited compatibility with different materials
The wide spectrum of wavelengths renders the light suitable for all current light-curing dental materials.

High light intensity
The high light intensity of the curing light enables it to polymerize both direct and indirect restorations.

Consistent light performance
The light intensity of every curing mode is calibrated to +/–10 per cent.

Uniform polymerization
Due to homogeneous light distribution across the light tip.

Beam profiles of the curing light modes of the Bluephase PowerCure

The beam profiles taken under identical conditions at a distance of 0 mm by Dr Richard Price, Dalhousie University, Canada, show the distribution of the unfiltered blue and purple light at the tip of the Bluephase PowerCure light guide. The Bluephase PowerCure has an excellent beam profile that delivers a homogeneous light and wavelength output across the light tip. 

Clarity at all times 

The backlit display keeps you informed about the curing program and time of the curing process.

You can choose between four different light curing modes

  • 3sCure mode: 3000 mW/cm2
    Reliable curing of Adhese® Universal and the 4-mm composites Tetric® PowerFill and Tetric® PowerFlow in only 3 seconds.[2] 
  • Turbo mode: 2000 mW/cm2  
    5-second curing. Suitable for all types of restorations, particularly suitable for the polymerization of luting composites under indirect restorations. The high light intensity ensures that enough energy passes through all-ceramic crowns and inlays: e.g. made of IPS e.max® or IPS Empress®.

  • High-power mode: 1200 mW/cm2
    Suitable for common day-to-day treatments.

  • PreCure mode: 950 mW/cm2
    Particularly suitable for the removal of excess light-curing adhesive luting composites, e.g. Variolink Esthetic.

Short light curing times
  • In most cases, the 9-mm light guide enables efficient one-time light exposure.  
  • The high-performance Bluephase PowerCure offers short light exposure times starting from 3 seconds
  • In direct procedures involving Class I and II restorations, the treatment time can be reduced by up to 51 per cent. You can cure Adhese Universal, Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow in only 3 seconds using the 3sCure mode.[1] Learn more

Do know about these features?

Wireless charging of batteries
Inductive charging allows you to recharge the handpiece without a power cord. Simply place the cordless handpiece in the charging station. 
What happens when the battery is empty?
When the battery is empty you can attach the handpiece to the power cord of the charging station.
Swivelling light guide
The light guide is shortened at the tip and can be freely rotated by 360 degrees, enabling access to tooth surfaces without the patient having to open their mouth uncomfortably wide.
Learn more about light curing times and the different curing programs.
Would you like to learn more about how to clean and look after the Bluephase PowerCure?

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