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    PrograMill tool blue PM3/4

    PrograMill tool blue PM3/5

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    A wide range of PrograMill tools offers users a wide range of processing options. In addition to tools for processing zirconium oxide, PMMA and wax, specially developed tools, for example for IPS e.max® CAD for PrograMill, are also available. In addition, the range also includes high-quality single-edged tools for optimized plastics processing.

    PrograMill tools have been specially developed for the different CAD / CAM materials and are color-coded using a ring on the shaft. Each color stands for a different material. The materials themselves are color-coded accordingly. The color coding continues in the user interface of the PrograMill machines. The handling of the tools is intuitive and easy.

    Your advantages:

    Specially developed and matched to the CAD / CAM materials and the PrograMill machining strategies Innovative color concept

    The respective product name makes it easier for you to identify the tools. In addition to the diameter of the tool, letter codes have been added to the designation to make assignment easier. The letters in front of the diameter refer to a special geometry of the tool, the letters behind indicate a coating. The following codes were used:

    • Optimal production results
    • e.g. PrograMill tool yellow 1.0c for PM7 c = coated (coating for longer tool life and long-term production)
    • e.g. PrograMill tool green f1.5 for PM7 f = flat (special geometry: this tool is a flat milling cutter)
    • e.g. PrograMill tool red g2.0 for PM7 g = grinder (special geometry: diamond-coated grinder for wet processing of glass ceramics)



    Notes et commentaires (0)
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