A lifelong dream has come true for Dr Stephanie Dorn when she opened her own dental practice named Zahnarztpraxis Glitzerzahn. In her spick-and-span practice in Würzburg, Germany, the dedicated dentist and her staff look after patients of all ages. Her special focus is on direct restorative therapy – providing dental care that is minimally invasive and gentle to the dentition as well as efficient and affordable.

Dr Dorn: “I have had excellent clinical experience with direct composite restorations, even for large repairs that are close, or sometimes even exceed, the recommended limit of indication for direct restorative treatments.” To be able to provide the maximum of restorative care, she demands high standards of the materials and equipment she uses.

Must-have or nice-to-have?

On occasion of IDS 2019, Ivoclar Vivadent launched the 3s PowerCure product system, comprising the three components Bluephase PowerCure curing light, the 4-mm posterior composites Tetric PowerFill & Tetric PowerFlow and the single-component adhesive Adhese Universal. Dr Dorn has tested the system and, after having placed the hundredth filling, she is now ready to report on her impressions of it.

Benefits of using Adhese Universal

“I have been using this universal adhesive on a regular basis for a long time in my practice for both direct and indirect restorations. A one-for-all adhesive is ideal for my practice team: The protocol is standardized and clear; no uncertainties crop up during processing and storing it is straightforward. I feel that the thin low viscosity formula of Adhese Universal gives me a great advantage. Most of the time we use the VivaPen, which is simply perfect for applying the adhesive.”

Benefits of using Tetric PowerFill & Tetric PowerFlow

“I would not want to go without these materials anymore: Tetric PowerFill features a pleasant consistency and is easy to contour. Tetric PowerFlow self-adapts to even large cavities to ensure a near perfect placement of up to 4-mm increments without hardly any manipulation during placing. The material provides a favourable esthetic effect; the three shades offered are usually sufficient to provide a good match in most cases. We also take advantage of the possibility of combining different Tetric products. For instance, Tetric PowerFlow can be used for dentin replacements and then covered with Tetric EvoCeram, which comes in a larger range of shades.”

Benefits of Bluephase PowerCure

“We are blown away by the handling. The device features an ergonomic design, delivers top performance and can be easily used in every mouth, even the mouths of small children, thanks to the shortened light guide. The curing light comes with a built-in radiometer – another useful feature, as it makes it easy for us to check the light output on a regular basis. Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow can be polymerized in short light shots of just 3 seconds per increment at a light intensity of 3000 mW/cm2.”


“I will continue to use 3s PowerCure on a regular basis in my practice.”

Dr Dorn and her team agree on the benefits: The product system leads to a more relaxed treatment experience – for both the patient and practice team. The time saved by the increase in efficiency frees up time for consulting or simply having a friendly chat with the patient.

The components lead to impressive results when used both on their own and in combination with each other. For this, Dr Dorn concluded: “I will continue to use the 3s PowerCure system on a regular basis in my practice. It will be a go-to product especially for the treatment of large posterior cavities.”