If you operate a large dental laboratory or milling centre, you will know one thing: excellent performance can only be provided on a large scale if your equipment and machinery gives you adequate efficiency. To do so, your milling machine should be extremely user friendly and facilitate your work procedures significantly. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, highly effective dental CNC milling machine, you should read on.

Intelligent technology is paramount

What should you consider when choosing a suitable CNC milling machine? Intelligent technology that operates as independently as possible and is intuitive and straightforward to use is paramount when it comes to deciding on a milling machine. After all, the machine should ease your workload, not increase it! High-performance machines for large-scale production do not necessarily have to be big and bulky either.

Making complex CNC milling machines a thing of the past

So far, dental CNC milling machines have tended to be rather complex to operate. Users need to have quite a substantial basic understanding of technology to be able to operate them. The way these machines have been developed in the past meant that the user interfaces were created from the perspective of software developers rather than users. Time and again, users have demanded that the machines should be easier to operate.

New CNC milling machine: as simple to use as a smartphone

Now, a CNC milling machine that sticks out from the rest because of its ease of operation has become available. The new PrograMill PM7 has been designed specifically with the aim to enable a broader group of users to gain access to digital manufacturing for dental applications. The result: Operating the milling machine and the software is significantly simplified compared with similar devices. The highly sophisticated machine can be operated as easily as a smartphone by means of a touchscreen.

Complex content in an easy format

Specifically, the machine is operated via a high-resolution 10.1" touch-screen display (1280 x 800 pixels). User-centred operation, an icon-based menu structure and a modern visual interface ensure an intuitive handling and convenient arrangement of the jobs to be processed. Complex contents have been translated into a modern user interface and a menu structure that is easy to understand and to navigate, including e.g.:

  • materials and tools library,

  • processing orders,

  • real time data and

  • setting options.

Users are guided and supported by icons and animations during operation and maintenance.

See for yourself how easy it is to operate the new PrograMill PM7

Developed in collaboration with users

PrograMill PM7 has been developed in collaboration with active users. From the beginning, the focus was on the user. The requirements of prospective users were defined on the basis of surveys and workshops with opinion leaders from the dental industry right when the development of the user interface was started. At the development stage, selected customers tested the new CNC milling machine under real-life conditions to see if it fulfilled the defined requirements. The developers then used their feedback to implement further enhancements.
High performance in a compact design

Form this process emerged a CNC milling machine that is ideally suited to meet the demands of large-scale dental laboratories and milling centres: high performance in a compact design, with an exceptionally simple, intuitive user interface.