SR Phonares II

Captivating masterpieces
High-end denture teeth made from composite

Composite denture teeth that combine strength, beauty and functionality. This is the message behind our SR Phonares II tooth line.

Our portfolio of composite denture teeth:
  • SR Phonares II

  • SR Phonares II Typ

  • SR Phonares II Lingual

Impressive esthetics
  • ​​​​​​Tooth moulds shaped according to age-specific characteristics
  • 24 anterior tooth moulds
  • 16 A–D- and 4 Bleach shades
Exceptional quality
  • SR Phonares II Typ: classic occlusion
  • SR Phonares II Lingual: lingualized occlusion
  • Each in 6 posterior tooth moulds
Outstanding performance
  • High wear resistance
  • High shear strength
  • High compressive strength

Esthetic and qualitative highlights in the anterior and posterior region

Lifelike esthetics
The SR Phonares anterior moulds are designed for a maximum level of natural beauty and vitality in the anterior region.

Anterior tooth – upper and lower moulds: 

The tooth moulds are designed according to age-specific characteristics combined with the basic tooth form.


Two basic forms:
- Soft: soft rounded contours
- Bold: bold angular contours

Three age groups:
- Youthful: unabraded incisal edge and pronounced facial curvature
- Universal: slightly abraded incisal edge
- Mature: highly abraded incisal edge and very little curvature


Three sizes:
- Small
- Medium
- Large

Delivery forms:
- 18 maxillary anterior moulds
- 6 mandibular anterior moulds
- 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades
Rich variety of functional options

Classic or lingualized occlusion? The decision is yours. Select the posterior mould that matches your preferred occlusal scheme. 

For your classic occlusal schemes: SR Phonares II Typ

- Balanced contacts, with support in the fossa and on the buccal side (intercuspation)
- For our classic tooth-to-two-tooth setup
- 3 maxillary / 3 mandibular sets
- 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades
- Made from high-performance NHC composite

For your lingualized occlusal schemes: SR Phonares II Lingual

- Contacts centralized in the fossa
- (intercuspation):
- For tooth-to-tooth and tooth-to-two-tooth setups
- 3 maxillary / 3 mandibular sets
- 16 A–D and 4 Bleach shades
- Made from high-performance NHC composite
High-performance material for durable high-quality restorations

SR Phonares II composite teeth offer a blend of strength and beauty to enable you to meet even the highest of expectations in removable denture prosthetics as effectively as possible.


The physical properties of the high-performance NHC composite have been improved to maximize the following material properties:
- Wear resistance
- Shear strength
- Compressive strength

SR Phonares II denture teeth are therefore designed to deliver long-lasting successful tooth replacements. The NHC composite features an inherent strength and tolerance that can withstand even extreme stresses.

A spectrum of colours consisting of 16 A–D shades and 4 Bleach shades offers flexibility and natural individuality.

Restorations that combine beauty with individuality

SR Phonares II enables you to offer your patients high-quality restorations that are optically matched to their individual features.

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