Many chlorhexidine gels have an unpleasant bitter and sharp taste. And so patients often do not apply them as directed by their dentist. Some patients do not even use them at all, even if they should. We have a piece of advice that may help you to increase the compliance among your patients.

Mild taste increases user compliance

Oral care gels with a mild taste increase user compliance. Recommend your patients a product that has a mild taste - for instance the proven Cervitec Gel. This oral care gel has recently become available in an optimized care formula to provide even more effective care. The new formula contains chlorhexidine, fluoride, xylitol and provitamin D-panthenol. As a result, it protects the teeth, gums, peri-implant tissue and mucous membrane with even more efficiency than before.

A gel that contains all important ingredients

Chlorhexidine hampers the formation of bacterial plaque. Harmful microorganisms are reduced. Inflammations subside. The breath becomes fresher. Fluoride strengthens the natural teeth. Provitamin D-panthenol and xylitol moisturize and protect the gums and mucous membrane.

Smooth consistency

Thanks to its ingredients, Cervitec Gel supports the treatment of gingivitis, mucositis, denture stomatitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis as well as in cases of increased bacterial counts. Depending on the situation, the gel can be applied either directly on the oral mucous membrane or removable denture, distributed with an interdental brush or used to brush teeth. The clear gel can be optimally distributed on intricate surfaces because of its smooth consistency. Cervitec Gel can be applied in-office or at home. It enhances the effect of the professional treatment with the protective varnishes Cervitec F or Cervitec Plus.

Mild taste

Cervitec Gel is widely accepted due to its mild taste. The soothing ingredients leave a pleasant feeling in the mouth. Cervitec Gel is available in tubes of 20 g or 50 g.