Although many CAD/CAM milling machines perform well, they are usually not easy to operate. Cleaning the milling machine and changing the tools and materials are typical tasks that increase the workload of dental technicians. In other words, a great deal of sweat is often required to achieve good results. However, this is not what we mean by efficiency, or user friendliness. Fortunately, alternatives are now available. Find out more!

Why it is important for CAD/CAM milling machines to be more user friendly

CAD/CAM milling machines that are complicated to operate do not meet the needs of today’s users. Aspects such as time savings and efficiency play an increasingly decisive role in an environment where competitive pressure is consistently growing. Against such a backdrop, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM milling machines must integrate two aspects to the greatest possible extent: they should offer top performance and enable maximum user friendliness.

Minimum demands on the operator and minimal maintenance

Dental technicians demand machines that work as independently as possible and require only a minimum level of human intervention and maintenance. This matters to technicians who work in today’s dental environment and will be even more important to technicians in the future. Autonomous manufacturing systems that require minimal human intervention are becoming increasingly important. In this context, modern CAD/CAM milling machines that offer the following features are particularly useful:

  • intuitive and advanced operating concept

  • automatic change between wet and dry operation

  • automatic cleaning of the milling chamber

  • automatic material and tool changer

Making better use of precious working time

The advantages are obvious: Dental technicians can make better use of their valuable work hours. They can focus on other tasks because they do not have to keep an eye on the machine all the time. 

Manufacturers are working on new solutions

CAD/CAM manufacturers have recognized this need. What sounded far-fetched only just a few years ago is today no longer pie in the sky. An example: At IDS 2017, Ivoclar Vivadent presented the PrograMill PM7 CAD/CAM milling machine, which features an automatic self-cleaning function (with the help of “Active Air Suction”). This function enables the device to change from wet to dry operation by itself, without user intervention.

Ionizer for milling acrylics

The PrograMill PM7 features an ioniser that neutralizes acrylic particles when milling acrylic materials. This minimizes the cleaning effort even when processing acrylics. 

Automated operation – even for overnight use

The machine is equipped with an automatic 8-way material changer and 20-position tool changer. This means that the machine can manage 8 material discs or 48 blocks completely independently. The cooperation between the material and tool changer enables the machine to operate without the need for user interaction, which is useful for e.g. overnight operation. Generally, fewer manipulations are required, be it for overnight or daytime use. 

As easy to use as a smartphone

Operating the machine is a piece of cake. The graphic user display features a specially developed user interface that is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone.