Ivoclar celebrates its 100-year anniversary – and opens a new head office building

Schaan, Liechtenstein – 19 June 2023

On 16 and 17 June 2023, an official ceremony, the grand opening of the new head office building at the Ivoclar headquarters in Liechtenstein and a family day were the latest highlights in the celebrations to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Ivoclar Group.

A century full of innovation has come to an end, a new era has begun: Founded in 1923 in Zurich, what was once a tooth factory is now a leading supplier of integrated system solutions for premium quality dental applications. In 2023, its centenary year, Ivoclar has already celebrated its 100-year history with customers at international tradeshows and with continuing education opportunities. In June, there was yet another incredibly emotional moment – particularly for the Zellers, a family of entrepreneurs who have been a part of the company's story for many years. During an official ceremony with over 200 specially invited guests from across the globe, a century of innovations that revolutionized the industry was honoured and celebrated with the future in mind: “It is a great privilege on a very special occasion to be able to look back on 100 years of company history and on a century full of innovation,” said Christoph Zeller during his welcome speech on Friday evening. “Very few companies ever reach their 100th birthday. This makes this milestone an even greater pleasure.”

CEO Markus Heinz was also suitably moved: “A meaningful role with global importance in the health sector, the exceptional power of innovation of Ivoclar, the long-term perspective of a family business and the genuine interest that Ivoclar takes in people – particularly of course in its own employees and customers – have all contributed to our success over the course of 100 years of history,” he said.

A new look for the company’s headquarters
This special celebration was also the perfect setting for the grand opening of the new head office building at Ivoclar’s headquarters in Liechtenstein, duly attended by the Hereditary Prince and Hereditary Princess of the House of Liechtenstein as well as national representatives and representatives of Schaan municipal council. Measuring 16,350 square metres, this state-of-the-art administration hub, visitor centre, and training campus provides professional working spaces based on the latest research as well as a company restaurant. What's more, customers from all over the world will in future be welcomed in the new, cutting-edge facilities of the Ivoclar Academy. In attractive seminar rooms, Ivoclar will present a choice of continuing education opportunities for interested dental experts in a range of technical topics. In the replica clinical practice, speakers will demonstrate a variety of workflows, and the facilities will also allow the tested approaches to be performed on dental simulators.
The new “Ivoclar Experience” will also be part of the new head office building: In future, visitors with and without a dental background will be able to explore the interactive dental experience and learn about certain special aspects of esthetic dentistry – an impressive demonstration of how Ivoclar makes people smile. This experience will initially only be available to course participants. 

International Ivoclar Family Day
“This anniversary would not have been possible without the thousands of employees who dedicate their time to our company today and who have done so over the last 100 years,” said Christina Zeller, wife of Christoph Zeller and member of the Supervisory Board of the Ivoclar Group. To show its appreciation, the company thanked all 950 employees at the company headquarters in Liechtenstein and their families the following day with joyful activities at the Ivoclar Family Day. And that was just the start: This summer, some 3,700 employees in the 56 subsidiaries and branch offices worldwide will celebrate local family days – as a token of appreciation for the contribution that each and every one of them has made during a century of innovation from Ivoclar.


The ribbon-cutting ceremony: HSH Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein (third from left), HRH Hereditary Princess Sophie (fourth from left), Christoph Zeller (second from right), Christina Zeller (third from right), President of the Supervisory Board Helmut Schuster (second from left), Vice President of the Supervisory Board Matthias Donhauser (left), and CEO Markus Heinz (right) open the new Ivoclar head office building.


Generously sized and prestigious: The new Ivoclar head office building brings together state-of-the-art professional working spaces, the Ivoclar Academy, the interactive dental experience “Ivoclar Experience” and an attractive company restaurant in one location.


At its headquarters, Ivoclar also unveiled its newest and most cutting-edge location for the company's Ivoclar Academy. In pioneering new facilities, topics presented by speakers will include demonstrations of how certain dental procedures are performed using Ivoclar products. Course participants can then practice on dental simulators (image).


100 years of Ivoclar: Over 3000 visitors celebrated this special anniversary during Ivoclar Family Day at company headquarters in Liechtenstein – a special event to say thank you to employees and their families.

About the Ivoclar Group
The Ivoclar Group, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for esthetic, high-quality dental applications. In 2023, the company proudly celebrates its 100-year anniversary under the theme of “A Century of Innovation”. The company's success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education. The group of companies, which sells its products to around 130 countries, has 56 subsidiaries and branch offices and employs roughly 3,700 people worldwide. More information about the Ivoclar Group is available at ivoclar.com.