Partnership Agreements with Manufacturers of CAD/CAM units

The success of Ivoclar CAD/CAM materials is in part also due to the long-term cooperation with manufacturers of innovative CAD/CAM hardware and software components. In collaboration with Amann Girrbach, Dentsply Sirona and Planmeca, Ivoclar offers users well-coordinated and proven processes for the manufacture of long-lasting, high-precision restorations that meet the highest quality standards. 

Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach is a supplier of state-to-the-art CAD/CAM solutions for dental laboratories. Tailored to the needs of Amann Girrbach equipment, Ivoclar offers a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM blocks and discs for the production of high-quality, esthetic restorations.

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona is an established provider of CAD/CAM solutions for dental practices and dental laboratories. Ivoclar offers a comprehensive range of CAD/CAM materials (blocks and discs) for high-quality, esthetic restorations especially coordinated with the Dentspy Sirona equipment.


Planmeca offers high-tech CAD/CAM solutions for dental practices, which produce highly esthetic results in conjunction with the proven restorative materials (blocks) from Ivoclar.