PrograMill material holder

Powerful holders for the PrograMill machines PM3, PM5 and PM7 have been developed to ensure optimum processing of Ivoclar Digital CAD/CAM materials.

PrograMill Disc holder
A powerful holder has been developed for the PrograMill machines PM3, 5 and 7, which is distinguished by its zero-point clamping system. It ensures the optimum processing of discs with a circumferential groove of 10 mm.
The secure fit of all material discs results in high-quality milling results.

Digital Denture holder
A special ring has been developed to modify the PrograMill disc holder for the digital denture process.
It allows an already processed disc to be re-positioned accurately.
A denture, which has already been milled from the upper side, can therefore be easily removed so that the prefabricated teeth can be adhesively fixed and then re-positioned for further processing.

IPS e.matrix
The patented multi-holder IPS e.matrix for PM 3/5/7, enables up to six blocks to be milled in one grinding sequence, depending on the block size.
The IPS e.matrix for PM3/5/7 can be easily removed from the materials magazine and can be conveniently loaded outside the unit.
The multi-holder is ideally adapted to the PrograMill machining strategies.

PrograMill Abutment holder for NT Trading
The PrograMill Abutment holder for NT Trading has been exclusively developed for the PrograMill PM7 milling machine and is suitable for a comprehensive range of implant interfaces.
The holder allows you to mill highly precise individual abutments using the titanium NT-Preforms.
Processing begins right after having inserted the holder into the milling machine. Calibration is not required.

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