IPS e.max Ceram Gingiva

Natural pink esthetics*

“Pink esthetics” is not only important for creating a harmonious appearance on implant-supported restorations. With the IPS e.max Ceram Gingiva materials, users are able to recreate highly esthetic gingival areas. The Gingiva materials, which are independent of the colour system, are available in various shades. The shade gradations range from orange to reddish all the way to bluish, so that the natural gingiva can be easily imitated.

Different shade nuances
The Gingiva materials 1-5 are differently shaded basic gingival materials which can be mixed to obtain the required nuance. Additionally, the layering material in the popular shade Gingiva BG 34 is also available. Since the introduction of IPS e.max Ceram Intensive Gingiva IG 5, Intensive Modifier in five colours complement the range. They allow the individual characterization of the basic gingiva materials. In addition, the IPS Ivocolor Essence stains (rose, coral and basic red) can be used for internal characterizations, for mixing or for final external staining.


  • Imitating the natural gingiva
  • Covering long cervical areas on bridge constructions
  • Closing large interdental areas
  • Creating gingival regions in implant superstructures
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