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    Clinical Accessories

    Effective accessories are essential to achieve optimum treatment results. Ivoclar offers a portfolio of clinical accessories that comprises innovative products to facilitate and streamline the treatment procedures in the dental practice. The accessories are particularly helpful in the following stages of the direct restorative workflow: preparation/isolation (e.g. with rubber dam), contouring and polishing of composite fillings.

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    Heliomolar Flow IPS Empress Direct IVENEER MGuard Meisinger Nova OptraDam Plus OptraDam Plus OptraGate OptraSculpt OptraStick Rand Skyce Tetric EvoFlow Tetric PowerFill Total Etch Trollplast VivaBrush Vivadent
    Applicator Tips Brushes IVENEER OptraDam Plus OptraGate OptraSculpt Pad Skyce
    Applicator Tips Applicators Cannulas Draw Liners Instrument Cassettes Instrument Trays Lip & Cheek Retractor Mixing / Light Protection Mylar Strips Prophylaxis Rubber Dam Rubber dam Tofflemire Bands
    0.4mm 0.9mm 1.2mm Assortment Junior Small
    Accessories Diagnostics Endodontics Miscellaneous Modelling Periodontal Restorative Sculpting Surgical
    Heliomolar Flow IPS Empress Direct Color Tetric EvoFlow Tetric PowerFill Total Etch
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