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    Ivoclar denture teeth are known for their superior esthetic qualities. The secret lies in the true-to-nature shape design and sophisticated layered structure. Select the mould that suits your project from a varied range of shades and shapes.

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    A-D / Bleach Chromascop
    SR Phonares II Ivostar SR Vivodent S DCL SR Vivodent S PE Gnathostar Blueline DCL SR Ortholingual DCL SR Ortholingual S DCL SR Orthoplane DCL SR Orthosit S PE SR Orthotyp DCL SR Orthotyp S DCL SR Orthotyp S PE SR Vivodent DCL SR Vivodent Plus DCL
    Double Cross Linked (DCL) Single Cross Linked (SCL) Nano Hybrid Composite (NHC)
    Card Type
    Posterior 1x8 Anterior 1x6
    Posterior Occlusion
    Conventional (22 Degree) Lingualized (15 Degree)
    Tooth Selection
    Shade Guides Living Mould Charts Living Mould Guides Accessories FormSelector Tooth Cabinet
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