One team. One mission. Worldwide.

Making people smile is what our 3,600 employees in 130 countries do with energy and enthusiasm every day. This common goal and our cultural diversity are what make us stand apart. It is the source of our inspiration and innovation. The result: smart systems that are designed to improve the oral health and quality of life of people all over the world, today and in the future.


We are proud to be one of the world’s leading dental companies, and we have big plans for the future. We hope to inspire you with our passion, dedication and international flair – we look forward to meeting you!

The jobs we offer are as varied as our product portfolio. Have a look and take your first step to a new career in our company.
Job openings at Ivoclar

Learn who we are!

We want to make people smile and this includes our employees. If you are looking for a job where you can contribute actively, develop personally and professionally and make a lasting difference then you have come to the right place. These aspects are important to us too.

Our employees are the key to our success. They all share the same strong values worldwide. Every day, they build bridges between us and our customers, between different cultures and generations and between established technologies and innovations: in the knowledge that together we grow better.


We offer an environment in which our employees can play a proactive role. We promote a culture of mutual respect and team-oriented collaboration. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Our workforce is composed of people from over 60 different countries who speak just as many different languages. In short: We love and appreciate diversity. We are committed to acting responsibly and with foresight in everything that concerns the well-being, health and safety of our employees. Our “Health Safety Environment” (HSE) system is ISO certified. We support our employees in working and making decisions independently. We provide the prerequisites they need in order to successfully juggle the demands of a career and family – for a healthy work-life balance.

Our values

"Flexibility and teamwork with a smile."
Elke Weit is a mom through and through and also the dynamic head of IT Digital Solutions at Ivoclar. Find out how she masters her daily challenges together with her team and with the help of a close support network. Take a peek and learn more.
We learn that here from Elke herself.
"The first product market launch was super exciting."
Dr Benjamin Gebhardt, Department Manager for Composite materials, reveals how much effort and commitment by the entire team is required in order to create great innovations at Ivoclar. The key elements in the development process include excellent teamwork, supportive leaders and a lot of passion and drive. What else is needed you may ask? Benjamin tells us more himself.
We learn that here from Benjamin himself
"The family spirit is actively conveyed."
More than 25 years ago Reyann Hemedes joined our production facility in Manila (Philippines) and our Ivoclar family. She has experienced the family spirit of the company in her home country as well as at the company headquarters in Liechtenstein. Allow Reyann to tell you more.
This is what we learn here from Reyann herself.
"I’ve enjoyed every day on the job."
Craig Garner has been a part of the Ivoclar family since 2009. By joining the team in Amherst (NY, USA), he has found not only a job but a calling. You will discover why in Craig’s video.
This is what we learn here from Craig himself.
"The international vibe is great."
Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage, who originally hails from Peru, is in her element in her job as a dentist at Ivoclar. She has been a dedicated teacher at the clinical training centre at our company headquarters since 2005, where she and her colleagues convey their knowledge and their passion for our products. In Tatiana's courses, the participants from all over the world experience a special warmth and enthusiasm. Have a look and catch her energy!
We learn about it here from Tatiana herself.
"I felt encouraged and told myself that I can also do it."
As a result of his hard work and commitment, Sotero Manreal has achieved a lot at Ivoclar in Manila (Philippines). Together with his colleagues, he does his utmost to make people smile across the globe. Sotero candidly talks about his experiences and the support he has received along the way.
We learn about it here from Sotero himself.
"A fantastic employer."
Humam AlMukhtar loves a challenge. He enjoys working in a great team and aims to make a sustained difference with his work. Humam himself explains why he is in the right place at Ivoclar and what he has experienced in his career since 2009.
We learn about it here from Humam himself.
"You’re never fully dressed without a smile."
Grace Gerrity radiates energy and enthusiasm which she consistently conveys to her team. In her video, Grace tells us about how her work at Ivoclar has never ceased to inspire her for the past 20 years. Take a look and enjoy!
We learn about it here from Grace herself.
"Ivoclar treats me like a member of the family."
As a single working mother in the Philippines Marian Amping knows what is needed to assert herself. She joined Ivoclar in Manila as a CAD/CAM specialist in 2009. There, she experiences on a daily basis what it means to be part of a great team. Watch the video and find out from Marian how she worked herself up to the position of manager and why Ivoclar is like a family to her.
We learn about it here from Marian herself.
Your career opportunities 

Irrespective of whether you are an entry-level applicant or a seasoned professional, we offer a variety of career opportunities in a wide range of areas throughout the world.

We operate in more than 30 countries: As a member of our sales team you will be responsible for making all our products available to our customers around the world. The required success drivers: passionate customer partnerships and outstanding product knowledge. Our customers are at the centre of our efforts every day and we continuously strive to professionalize our services for them. Our customers must be able to rely on us implicitly so that they can treat their patients optimally.
As a marketing specialist you will manage a product from the development of the initial idea to the marketing of the final product. You will be entrusted with a variety of interesting tasks: such as conducting customer, market and competitive analyses, developing content marketing strategies and designing effective communication campaigns. The expectations, requirements and needs of our customers will always be at the core of your efforts, because customer focus is important to us.
Dental Education
We are dedicated to supporting dentists and dental technicians in developing their knowledge and expertise and in honing their skills to perfection. Our commitment comes in the form of numerous education and training offerings, both remote and on-site. As a member of our Dental Education team you will inspire the international professional dental community, develop international networks and engage in an intensive exchange with universities and opinion leaders around the world.
Research and Development
As a member of our R&D you will be working in one of the most advanced research and development centres of the dental industry. In interdisciplinary teams made up of materials engineers, chemists, software and hardware specialists, process engineers, digital experts and dentists and dental technicians you will transform the ideas of today into the reality of tomorrow.
Production and Logistics
Our high-quality products are manufactured at seven state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. Quality assurance, LEAN methods, ongoing process enhancement and committed employees guarantee smooth manufacturing processes and the best possible product quality. A sophisticated global logistics system ensures that our products reach our customers quickly and reliably, whenever and wherever they are needed.
The future starts today: As a member of our global IT department you will be responsible for keeping all of our companies around the world up to date on the latest digital developments. Your valuable experience and expertise will be a decisive driver of our digital transformation process. We look forward to your proactive, reliable advice and support in your field of expertise: This involves cutting-edge technologies, further development of digital processes and process support, and IT services.
Services, Finance and Administration
As a specialist in the areas of finance, controlling, law, people and culture, quality management or corporate communications you will support other professional departments with your expertise. Our common mission is to realize and achieve our ambitious goals. Your work will be characterized by professional and constructive collaboration throughout the world.

What we offer

A reliable employer offering long-term opportunities

Ivoclar stands for consistency and continuity. This is underpinned by our company history of 100 years. Our strong corporate culture determines our actions and decisions and establishes the values by which we live and work.

International environment

Companies that operate internationally need strong roots. Our company headquarters are located in Schaan. We are firmly based in the Principality of Liechtenstein from where we are connected to our subsidiaries around the world. This ensures a warm and relaxed work environment and a lively international company culture.

Infrastructure and equipment

We develop and produce innovative, high-quality dental solutions. For this purpose, our workstations are equipped in accordance with the latest technical standards.

Occupational and environmental safety and health

Our ISO certification guarantees the highest occupational and environmental safety and health standards for the well-being of our employees, the environment and our customers.

Advancement and development

We want our employees to grow.  That is why we promote their personal and professional development. We regularly offer advanced education and training courses, personalized development initiatives and learning programs for employees throughout the company. 

Flexible working hours

We offer various possibilities for managing flexible working hours. Dynamic times call for dynamic work arrangements.

Health promotion

Good health establishes the basis for feeling and performing well.  We take the health of our employees very seriously and therefore promote a number of different programs and offer a variety of activities and services.


CEO live streams, International Management Meetings and the year-end apéro (drinks and snacks): Numerous professional and social events set the stage for inspiring international exchanges.

Advanced education and training as a mainstay of development

Committed and highly qualified employees are the foundation of our success. We encourage and support our employees in their learning efforts and value their individual accomplishments. We invest in the development of our employees, because we believe that this enables us to grow as a whole.

Our worldwide “Discover Your Potential” program offers our employees the possibility of developing their skills and talents according to their individual needs. The main qualifications for this program are enthusiasm, proactiveness and the will to take responsibility and to develop both professionally and personally.

Furthermore, we encourage our leadership staff to develop and grow continuously. We support them with our “Leadership Excellence” program, which is available throughout the Group. Our leadership guidelines provide clarity and direction. Clear management principles enable our employees to understand our company goals and internalize them. This provides the basis on which our employees can contribute meaningfully to the success of our company and achieve their full potential.

A new job in just a few steps

We are pleased that you have decided to apply for a vacant position on our careers portal! In the job advertisement, click on “Apply now” or fill out the web form. Send us all the required documents. As soon as we have received all your information, we will send you a confirmation of receipt.

We review every application in detail, and this takes a bit of time. If your profile matches the job opening advertised, we will set up an appointment so that we can get to know you personally. During this initial interview we will tell you more about the position and we will answer the questions you have for us. We encourage you to use this opportunity to show us who you really are – with all your strengths and weaknesses. If we meet your requirements and you meet ours, we will invite you for a second interview or an assessment. This process will differ according to the position in question and may involve several stages.


Joining a new company

Congratulations on signing your employment contract with our company. Welcome on board! Joining a new company is exciting, but also challenging and you will have many questions in the beginning. Not to worry. We will make this transition as easy as possible for you. Our onboarding program will guide you through the first few days and weeks on your new job and ensure that you will feel at home quickly. You can look forward to informative training sessions, meetings and discussions. And you can count on a lot of support whenever and wherever you need it. You will get to know our Ivoclar family very quickly and soon become a part of it.

Our job openings at Headquarters

We are looking for people who share our enthusiasm for smart dental solutions. In their interesting and attractive jobs in many different fields, our employees motivate and inspire each other to achieve their best every day. We all have one goal: to ensure that people everywhere have the best possible quality of life, today and in the future. Our mission is to “Make People Smile”. We hope we have inspired you and we look forward to receiving your application.

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