About the charm of dentures - more than a denture

Our BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System), which we propose as a denture manufacturing method, proposes dentures that are aesthetically and functionally customized to the patient's needs.

1. Preliminary bite registration

One small step for dentists… one giant leap for dentures
centric tray
The intermaxillary relationship and occlusal plane are tentatively determined using the centric tray.
•Preliminary determination of patient-specific intermaxillary relationships minimizes final adjustments.
•Preliminary determination of intermaxillary relationships is available at the time of general impression taking.
•Used for both complete and partial denture cases.

2. Functional impression

Determining the center position
Nasometer M
By attaching a custom tray, Nasometer M is used as a device for taking functional impressions of edentulous patients and recording the upper and lower jaw relationships.
• Determining the center position, drawing the Gothic arch
• Determining the relationship between the upper and lower jaws and occlusion
• Can be sterilized

3. Records

smooth recording
By connecting UTS 3D and Nasometer M to the 3D registration joint, it is possible to reproduce the mounting position of the maxillary work model.
• Easy connection to Nasometer M to determine intermaxillary relationship after taking functional impressions
• Adjustable nosepiece allows setting of reference planes such as Camper's plane (CP) and Frankfurt's plane (FH)
• 3D The registration joint allows data to be easily recorded and reproduced on the articulator by simply tightening one tommy screw.

4. Tooth set-up

Highly aesthetic artificial teeth that meet the aesthetic needs of patients
SR Vivodent S
In order to brighten the image of the patient's oral cavity, the tooth neck shape is widened to express a natural dentition
• SR Vivodent S PE shade 20 colors
• SR Vivodent S maxillary anterior teeth come in 16 shapes
• Can accommodate a variety of cases highly cross-linked DCL material

5. Try-in

predictable results
Communication with patients
When checking the oral cavity, it is important to discuss and confirm the occlusal height, intermaxillary relationship, stability, aesthetics, pronunciation, etc. with the patient, and correct any concerns.
•Aesthetic and functional arrangement of artificial teeth
•Comfortable polished surface form of dentures
•Accurate centric occlusion

6. Finalization

Precise polymerization of denture base resin is possible at the touch of a button
ibobase injector system
Ivobase is a highly compatible resin precision polymerization system.
• High impact resistant material with excellent conformability, comfort and durability after installation
• Controlled resin injection to compensate for polymerization shrinkage
• Controlled polymerization