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    Ivoclar Digital

    With Ivoclar, you can rely on a competent partner that supports you along the digital process chain. We place a great deal of importance on providing you with simple and straightforward procedures. Shop our portfolio of digital products for digital dentistry in your laboratory or practice.

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    3Shape Asiga Detax IPS Empress CAD IPS e.max CAD IPS e.max ZirCAD IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime Ivotion Otoflash ProArt CAD ProArt Print PrograMill PrograPrint PrograScan Renfert Telio CAD Tetric CAD Viteo Base Viteo Screw
    Scanner & CAD
    3Shape Accessories Laboratory Scanner Scanner Accessories
    Asiga Ivotion
    Equipment / CAM
    Material Holder PrograMill PrograScan RFID Spare Parts
    Colouring Liquid Discs Resin Wax Discs Zirconia
    Milling Machines
    PM5 PM7
    Splint Try-in Wax Disc
    Black Wax Blue Co/Cr Green Resin PrograMill Dry Red Glass Ceramic Red Glass Ceramic Yellow Zirconia
    Blue Clear Yellow
    Disc Holder
    HT LT MO MT Multi
    3shape TRIOS Abutment Holder Filter Milling Fluid PrograMill RFID Registration Device Scanner Trays
    Block size
    C14 I12
    10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 98.5-25MM
    3D Printing
    Accessories Asiga Detax Renfert
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