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    Tetric PowerFill Syringe 3g

    Tetric PowerFlow is a sculptable 4mm composite for true-to-nature aesthetic results in the posterior region.

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    Tetric PowerFill is a sculptable 4mm composite for true-to-nature aesthetic results in the posterior region.

    Similar to Tetric PowerFlow, Tetric PowerFill is characterised by reliable depth of cure[9-14], low shrinkage[12, 13] and optimum flexural strength[13-15], In short: The clinical performance of Tetric PowerFill [13, 16-18] is just as impressive and the results are just as aesthetic[19, 20] as those achieved with conventional composites. The low stickiness[21, 22] of Tetric PowerFill facilitates the creation of anatomical structures.

    Aesthetics – Quality – Efficiency

    • True-to-nature aesthetics for posterior restorations due to Ivocerin[23, 24] and Aessencio Technology
    • Excellent margin quality in combination with Adhese Universal[18]
    • Reliable depth of cure of increments of up to 4mm in thickness[9-14]
    • Low susceptibility to process-related air entrapments[25, 26]
    • Easy creation of anatomical structures because of low stickiness[21, 22]
    • Effective combination with Tetric PowerFlow


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