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    Our Removable Prosthetics portfolio covers the entire fabrication journey to provide the clinician, dental technician and patient with the best possible outcome. Shop here for denture base materials, articulators and a range of devices for chairside procedures. 

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    Denture Base Processing
    SR IvoBase Injection SR Ivocap Injection SR ProBase Cold Conventional SR ProBase Hot Conventional Auxiliary Materials Cap Vibrator SR Ivolen
    Kits Capsules Powder Monomer Separating Fluid
    Mounting/Setup Templates Stratos Spare Parts Calibration Non Calibrated Accessories
    Condylar And Incisal Guidance
    Incisal Tables and Incisal Pins Bennett Insert Joint Insert Assortment Protrusion Inserts
    Mounting Plate Options
    Magnetic Screw-Retained
    UTS Mounting UTS Universal Transferbow System
    Registration Device
    Gothic Arch Tracer Parts Centric Tray Gnathometer M
    Flask Parts Indirect/Direct UTS Facebow Flask Indirect SR IvoCap Shade Guide Temperature Check Calibration Direct SR IvoBase
    Spare Parts Stratos Injection System
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    Removable Bestsellers
    Protrusions Inserts (Stratos 200)

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